Camfil 30/30 Filter Test

Manufacture: Camfil Part Number: 010101010 Merv Rating: 8 30/30 is a primary filter for air conditioning systems. The unique configuration of the 30/30 filter allows it to hold more dirt and last longer.


Frame: High Wet Strength Beverage Board
Media: Synthetic
Model: Synthetic
Type: Pleat
Manufacturer: Camfil
Merv Rating: 8
Sizes: 20X16X1|20x16x2|20x16x4

30/30 pleated panel filters are used in applications as the singular air filter in an HVAC system to protect HVAC system components and extend the life of valuable final or second stage air filters.Since the 30/30 frame is made of water-resistant beverage board instead of recycled cardboard, the 30/30 will stand up to the worst conditions an HVAC system will present, with no filter distortion or blowouts. The 30/30 is a very energy-efficient filter due to its extended media area, resulting in a low pressure drop. The 30/30 media is a blend of cotton and polyester and proven to keep a low pressure drop during the filter’s lifetime. The media is backed with a corrosion-resistant wire backing that eliminates distortion of the media pack under high air flow conditions.

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