Manufacturers We Represent

Seasons 4 is a manufacturer of cleanroom ceiling systems incorporating bottom load extruded or fabricated stainless grid; 2’ x 4’ to 4’ x 4’ individual fan filter units complete with DC motor technology and controls; large plenum systems without fans or with fans and controls or built-in recirculation air handlers.

Camfil is a manufacturer of bag in and bag out housings; nuclear, biological and chemical containment systems; homeland security application systems; cleanroom HEPA filters and terminal HEPA filters; low to high-efficiency ASHRAE-rated filters; carbon filters; hardware and side access housings; and moisture eliminators. Featured products include the Camfil 30/30 (the first pleated filter), the Durafil® (first pleated V-style filter), the Filtra 2000™ (the first mini-pleated V-style HEPA filter), the Pharmaseal® Hood (a room side replaceable TAF specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, life science, and healthcare industries), and low wall returns.

Purafil Inc. is a manufacturer of chemical media and associated hardware to remove gases and odors. Applications include cleanrooms, industrial, commercial, wastewater, preservation, archives, museums, historic libraries, ethylene removal, building protection, energy savings, and air monitoring with environmental reactivity devices.

Steril-Aire, Inc. is a manufacturer of the original High Output UVC emitters™ for HVAC applications. Germicidal UVC emitters use ultraviolet light to mitigate bio-aerosols and airborne microorganisms. They return cooling coils to their as-built condition and provide a high return on investment and significant energy savings into the future.

Clean Rooms International Inc. is a manufacturer of modular hard wall and soft wall cleanrooms, T-Grid systems, light fixtures, ceiling panels, SAM® fan filter units and accessories, custom isolation systems, clean benches, fume extractors, air showers, and pass thru cabinets.