Manufacturers We Represent

Camfil is a manufacturer of bag-in and bag-out housings; nuclear, biological and chemical containment systems; homeland security application systems; cleanroom HEPA filters and terminal HEPA filters; low- to high-efficiency ASHRAE-rated filters; carbon filters; hardware and side access housings; and moisture eliminators. Featured products include the Camfil 30/30 (the first pleated filter), the Durafil® (first pleated V-style filter), the Filtra 2000™ (the first mini-pleated V-style HEPA filter), the Pharmaseal® Hood (a room side replaceable TAF specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare industries), and low wall returns.

Clean Rooms International (CRI) is a designer and builder of cleanrooms and a wide variety of cleanroom components, workstations and air-handling equipment. Its products are sold to a range of industries across the globe. In addition to standard products shown in the catalog, CRI offers wide flexibility to meet unique needs. The company's staff of experienced professionals specializes in providing the most effective solutions for any given cleanroom application. From concept to completion, the high level of customer service experienced by working with CRI is unparalleled in the industry.

Steril-Aire, ISO Certified in both 9001:2015 & 14001:2015, launched UVC products for the HVAC industry in 1994 and remains the leader today. The company is the unrivaled leader in the development of high-performance UVC solutions for air and surface decontamination.

Robertson Manufacturing and Engineering (RME) Int'l Inc. was founded in 1986. Since its inception, the company has concentrated exclusively on providing high-quality commercial, medical and industrial air filtration equipment. FILTER-MATE, its registered product trademark, is recognized worldwide as a leader in innovative air cleaning technology and dependable service. RME's company objective is to meet each customer's specific indoor air quality requirements. The company's experience and engineering skills allow the team to achieve this objective by customizing its standard product lines as required.

Atmos-Tech Industries prides itself on its team approach to complete in-house design and production. Its team of experienced professionals works to provide the highest quality products the industry has to offer by giving significant attention to the needs of the customer. The design of each cleanroom or laminar flow unit must be specific to the task. Atmos-Tech Industries manufactures products using stainless steel, aluminum, painted galvannealed steel, laminated particleboard, or Poly-Pro as per our customers' requirements. The company builds floor-supported or ceiling-suspended units, making provisions for the adaptation of the design in case a unit relocation at a later date is necessary.

Filtration Group is your global partner dedicated to making the world safer, healthier and more productive. Its filtration solutions meet or exceed all quality, safety and environmental standards to protect your most important assets.

Fiber Bond’s air filtration and specialty nonwovens expertise spans 65 years. The company has the unique ability to design and manufacture custom media and products for a wide variety of markets, including HVAC, industrial finishing, and specialty nonwovens.

Viskon-Aire Corporation is a well-established manufacturer and marketer of disposable air filtration products. Using various media, including polyester and fiberglass, Viskon-Aire produces a broad range of air filter products, configurations and efficiencies. These products are primarily marketed to two industries—spray finish booths and commercial HVAC applications.

BASX Solutions is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high-efficiency data center cooling solutions, cleanroom systems, custom HVAC systems and modular solutions. For the past 40 years, the BASX leadership team has been recognized as a leader in the development of innovative products and are widely recognized for changing the way fans are applied in modern air handling systems. The company has a steadfast commitment to customer service and delivering on its promises while providing the highest quality products throughout the world.

Purafil is the leading global provider of molecular air filtration. Forty-seven years of experience fuels a passion for the continuous improvement of air quality. The company's patented products remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gases, odors, bacteria and viruses from the environment. Every day, Purafil solutions protect thousands of industrial processes, commercial environments and people.

UV Resources (UVR) is a pioneering leader in the education, design and innovative engineering of affordable ultraviolet-C (UV-C) equipment for a variety of applications, including commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, food production, hospitality, government and residential.

Parker has defined its unique contribution to the world through a new purpose statement: Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow. As the global leader in motion and control technologies, Parker plays a pivotal role in applications that have a positive impact on the world.

Columbus Industries is committed to providing innovative solutions that improve indoor air quality for everyone. The company's vision is to be the world leader in performance HVAC filtration, performance paint filtration, air purification filtration and molecular filtration. This will be accomplished by becoming the supplier of choice, the employer of top industry talent and by requesting a fair profit for the value Columbus creates.

RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products and has a 35+ year history of providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. RGF is an ISO 9001:2015 certified research and innovation company, holding numerous patents for wastewater treatment systems, air purifying devices and food sanitation systems.

Quality Filters is a certified manufacturer of commercial and residential air filtration products. Its mission is to improve lives for its product users, partners, vendors, employees and families.