Pre filters help to extend the life of your standard filter. General Aire offers a wide selection of sizes, depths and media capacities to meet your application’s specific needs.

Prefilter Products

Purafil Purafilter Camfil City Pleat Camfil AP-Eleven Camfil AP-Thirteen


Purafil Purafilter

The Purafilter is a combination chemical and particulate filter designed to replace existing particulate filters in retrofit or rework applications. Purafil engineers are the first to successfully suspend sodium permanganate adsorbents in a bi-component fiber matrix.

Chemical filtration systems utilizing sodium permanganate remove a broader range of contaminants than carbon-only filters and exhibit higher efficiencies. Because of the Purafilter’s broad-spectrum removal capabilities, it is the only chemical filter capable of meeting the stringent requirements of ASHRAE 62’s Indoor Air Quality Procedure.

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Camfil City Pleat

Combination/ Molecular Filter

The Camfil CityPleat features a combination filter that removes particulate, gases and odors. It is recommended for use in all types of HVAC systems (both indoor and outdoor air) in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications when only a 1”, 2” or 4” space is available.

It is available in a wide range of sizes, depths and media capacities to offer relief from unpleasant odors including human bioeffluents, food preparation, waste products and more.

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Camfil AP-Eleven

MERV-11 High-Efficiency, High-Capacity, Pleated Panel Filter

The Camfil AP-Eleven extended service pleated panel filter removes nuisance dusts, lint and contaminants associated with staining while also removing lung-damaging sub-micron particles. The AP-Eleven, according to filtration application design manuals, may be used as a stand alone filter for special process areas, electrical shops, paint shops, average general offices and laboratories.

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Camfil AP-Thirteen

High-Efficiency, Synthetic Media Pleated panel filter

Camfil AP-Thirteen high-efficiency pleated panel filter is designed to be a stand-alone filter for use in rooftop units, split systems, air handlers, free-standing units and package systems. The high-efficiency synthetic pleated media, welded wire media support and Kraft board enclosing frame are manufactured under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards.

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