Clean Rooms

Cleanrooms are used to protect delicate testing and manufacturing operations from harmful contaminants in the air. Because of this, the air filters used to regulate the environment must be highly efficient and designed specifically for the operation. At General Aire, we know that there are many types and configurations of clean rooms and offer a wide variety of filters to meet your operation’s specific requirements.

Clean Room Products

Legend Cleanroom Systems Softwall Cleanrooms Cleanroom Ceiling System SAM® Fan Filtered Powered HEPA HEPA Filtered Walk-Thru Air Shower Chamber Clean Benches and Work Stations BasX Solutions Air Handler Units BasX Solutions Fan Powered Plenums BasX Solutions Plenum Modules BasX Solutions Flush HEPA Grid with Integral Lighting Camfil Pharmaseal® Ducted Ceiling Module Camfil Slimline RSR Camfil Pharmaslim Ducted Ceiling Module

Legend Cleanroom Systems

Cleanrooms International Legend pre-engineered, modular design cleanrooms are cost-effective without the inconvenience of conventional “stick-built” construction. Cleanrooms are available with 2” or 3” walls and its non-progressive construction design allows flexibility to expand or change the configuration as needed in the future.

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Softwall Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms International Flexible Solutions Softwall cleanrooms are available in both standard designs and custom-engineered softwall cleanrooms for demanding and unique applications. Customization options including casters, telescoping legs, a variety of curtain choices, and our exclusive SAMlink Control System are available. Optional casters enable you to easily roll the Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanroom from one location to another for maximum flexibility.

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Cleanroom Ceiling System

Cleanrooms International T-Grid ceiling systems enhance cleanroom security. These systems help tight-tolerance temperature and humidity-controlled environments conform to the latest government and industry standards. After ceiling blanks, light fixtures, and filters are installed in the grid, a secure, airtight barrier is formed against dust and moisture for sensitive cleanroom needs. Available in 2˝ Heavy Duty, Walkable and Gel Seal Style suspension hardware that is interchangeable providing easy adjustment for installing the ceiling dead level.

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Fan Powered HEPA

SAM® Fan Filter Units by Cleanrooms International are self-contained, motorized Supply Air Modules equipped with either HEPA or ULPA filters.

SAM GS Units permit the removal of the HEPA or ULPA filters from roomside without removing the complete unit from the ceiling. GS Units feature an upstream gel channel on the final filter which provides a leak-free seal between the filter and housing.

SAM NCR Style filters can be replaced when the complete unit is removed from the ceiling.

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HEPA Filtered Walk-Thru Air Shower Chamber

Cleanroom International HEPA filtered walk-thru air shower chamber is designed to supply ISO Class 5 (Class 100) airflow while removing particulate contamination from personnel entering a cleanroom. An individual can stand or walk through the chamber and be scrubbed by pressurized air from nozzles at a minimum velocity of 5000 FPM.

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Clean Benches and Work Stations

Cleanrooms Internation built-to-order work-space environments provide practical and economical environments for use in pharmaceutical or hospital applications. The comprehensive line of Clean Bench and Workstation models incorporating either HEPA or ULPA air filtration systems.

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BasX Solutions Air Handler Units

Whether your needs cover semiconductor or Life Sciences mission-critical applications, BasX Make Up Air Handlers, Recirculation Units and Fan Filter Units are custom designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh chemicals in your demanding environments.

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BasX Solutions Fan Powered Plenums

Fan Powered Plenums are an ideal solution for clean space areas that have confined ceiling spaces or have no available ducting to a remote fan or air handler.

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BasX Solutions Plenum Modules

Plenum modules eliminate the need for field built ducts and duct collars while reducing overall pressure drop. Plenum modules have the same benefits as flush ceiling grid, including integrated lighting and fire protection, as well as excellent performance.

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BasX Solutions Flush HEPA Grid with Integral Lighting

BasX Flush grid ceiling system with integral lighting provides excellent flexibility in cleanroom design solutions. Wall location isn’t determined by tear-drop lights, they can go anywhere, below lights, filters, and grid. Each module is fabricated at the factory, complete with fire protection and lights. Installation time, manpower and cost are reduced compared to a traditional stick-built system. Available as top load, bottom load, stainless steel or aluminum.

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Camfil Slimline RSR

Room Side Replaceable HEPA Filter Module

The Camfil Slimline RSR offers leak-free performance in a compact room side replaceable
module. Designed to be installed in either 1-½” or 2” T-Bar ceiling systems or gypsum/plaster wall board systems, initial installations and filter maintenance are simplified.

The Slimline RSR is designed for installation in critical air quality applications including semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food processing, medical facilities, and laboratory or R&D facilities.

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Camfil Pharmaslim® Ducted Ceiling Module

All-Welded Roomside Replaceable Ducted Ceiling Module

The Camfil Pharmaslim® ceiling module provides clean room level air filtration for pharmaceutical or biotechnology facilities as well as any other facility where clean space is a manufacturing or health-related requirement. Its unique roomside replaceable filter design minimizes downtime and ensures repeatable room air cleanliness following filter service.

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