Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are used to remove odors, gasses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. General Aire offers a selection of carbon filters that help meet indoor air quality needs.

Carbon Filter Products

Camfil CamCarb PG Camfil City-Flo® XL Bag Filter

Camfil CamCarb PG

High-Velocity Carbon Purification Filters

Camfil CamCarb PG high-velocity purification filters are recommended for high gas/vapor load make-up air and recirculation applications, where high removal efficiency and a large quantity of media is required.

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Camfil City-Flo® XL Bag Filter

Energy-Saving, Pocket-Style for Removal of Particulates and Odors
The Camfil City-Flo XL addresses the indoor air quality needs of today’s green buildings and may be applied in applications where particulate and odorous contaminants may be a concern. The City-Flo XL is ideal for removing contaminants associated with harsh urban environments.

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