Fan Filter Systems

Fan filter systems supply clean air to cleanrooms and but be able to reliably keep sub-micron particles out of the air. General Aire offers a variety of fan filter systems to meet your cleanroom’s specific needs.

Fan Filter System Products

Filter-Mate® Modular Side Access Filter Housing Camfil CamCleaner Vertical Camfil CamCleaner Horizontal

Filter-Mate® Modular Side Access Filter Housing

Filter-Mate Modular filter housings are designed to work above the ceiling in either the existing CH & A ductwork system or an easily installed flex duct system. The modular filter housings and motor-blower housings are separate. They can be easily connected to form one unit or placed in separate locations connected by a duct line.

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Camfil CamCleaner Vertical

Vertical Air Cleaner for the Removal or Particulate and Gaseous Contaminants

The Camfil CamCleaner is a free-standing, mobile air cleaner designed for corrosion control applications in heavy process industries. Typical applications include areas that may have corrosive gases and contain sensitive computer or electronic equipment, pulp and paper mills, photochemical facilities, steel mills, refineries or sewerage treatment plants. The CamCleaner can also be used in archive and cultural heritage storage rooms, chemical handling locations, and data centers.

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Camfil CamCleaner Horizontal

Horizontal Air Cleaner for the Removal of Airborne Contaminants

The Camfil CamCleaner is an air cleaner designed for the removal of particulate (standard) and gaseous contaminants (optional) and is typically suspended from a ceiling. Applications include areas that have high load particulate concentrations such as warehouse dust, welding, oil mist, printing, food & beverage and other locations where direct source capture may be difficult.

CamCarb adsorbent canisters are also an optional stage of filtration to control
odors and gases. Available in two sizes of air delivery, 2000 and 4000 cfm, the unit accepts multiple stages of air filtration wherein the user can select from a variety of particulate or gaseous/chemical filtration.

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